10 Signs You Need a New Car

couple sitting in a car

Used Vehicles

If your vehicle is on its last legs, maybe it’s time to move on. Below are 10 ways to tell that you might need a new car in Chittenango, Cicero or Cortland.

  1. Your car can’t pass the emissions test.
  2. The check engine light comes on frequently.
  3. Your friends and family are afraid to ride with you.
  4. You wouldn’t pick up a client or date in your car.
  5. You are envious of the tech in other people’s cars.
  6. You can’t get that smell out even after a thorough detailing.
  7. You are the slowest car on the highway.
  8. You have to give others specific instructions on how to drive your car, so it doesn’t break down.
  9. You have well over 200,000 miles on your car.
  10. The repairs become more expensive than the value of the car.