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A business doesn’t last for 40 years — let alone thrive like Sun Chevrolet has — unless it exists within a great community.

Central New York has shown us time and time again that it is made up of the very best people in the world. The people who make our schools, churches, and neighborhoods better, nicer places to live.

To celebrate our 40th anniversary in a style that reflects our values, we want to do something motivated by our inspirational community. Sun Chevrolet is throwing a gala event this October called 40 Across 40. The event will honor 40 highly deserving people from the community.

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Through the years, Sun Chevrolet has worked to give back to the community. We’ve had longstanding relationships with great charities like Joseph’s House for Women, David’s Refuge, and Toys for Tots, but are heroes that get recognition regularly. It doesn’t make them any less outstanding, but they’re not the everyday heroes we’re looking for.

The nominees we’re looking for don’t fit into any rigid criteria. They are a teacher who gives everything to their students, and then finds the strength to give some more. They are a local firefighter or volunteer who goes above and beyond. They are someone who’s had a big impact on you. They are the heroes all around us who make our lives and our communities special.

By nominating someone, you’re giving their story a chance to be told.

40 Across 40 Nominees

Lisa Gallagher

Denise Moore

Dean Ripley

Nichole Hastings

Nick Murphy

Erin Engle

John Tumino

Nichole Struse

Jordan Fahnestock

Maggie Bristol

James Herr

Sheila Murphy

Karen Ballog

Tenekqua Cauthen

Cathy Lee

Karen Vedder

Jarret Masson

Scott Burdick

Al-amin Muhammad

Darris Mcdowell

Joshua Virgil

Matthew Ambrose

Jeanine Cheney

Laurence Segal

Taleesha Pittman-Dennis

Kenneth Caputo

Sue Straub

Bob Lamb

Jim Conlon

Dorothy Marcus

Sheila Austin

Lauren Case

Tammy Reese

Darin Adams

Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Rick Wise

William “Willie” Murray

Michelle Brown

Sue Kuppel

Cindy Sloan

Please fill out this form to nominate someone for this recognition. Describe the person and go into detail as to why they deserve recognition. Please include your contact information as we may need to reach out if your nominee is selected.

If you’d like, you may submit nominations (with video, if you’d like) via Instagram or Facebook message.

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