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If it’s time to get that new car (or new-to-you car), we congratulate you. Upgrading your ride is an exciting time for any Oneida buyer, but it can also be a stressful time. Not knowing what the future holds can be pretty scary, but when you’ve got a quality team backing you up, you can’t go wrong. That’s where we come in. Sun Chevrolet will help value your trade and get you the best car trade-in value you can. We pay top dollar! Learn more about the process of valuing your trade from the pros at Sun Chevrolet in Chittenango. We’re your full-service finance team!


What You’ll Need to Value Your Chevy

If you’re looking to value your Chevy, it’ll take a little bit of information to get the process started. As a Canastota car shopper, you’ll need:

  • Your car’s VIN, scanned from the barcode or entered yourself
  • Some photos of your car
  • A few further questions regarding your car’s condition

Once this is taken care of, you’ll have a firm offer on what your car is worth. You can then take this offer into Sun Chevrolet and have it count against your future vehicle purchase. If you’ve got a vehicle that’s yet to be paid off and you’re underwater on your loan, we can transfer the loan to your next vehicle to ensure continuity. We’re ready to help Utica drivers make the right choice when it’s time to get their next car!

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What Can We Do for You?

You’ve gotten the facts on getting your car’s trade-in value. Now, we invite you to have a talk with the team at Sun Chevrolet. Schedule a test drive with us today! We also invite you to calculate your monthly payment on your next car so you can stay in budget. Looking for a next step? We have an online finance application that can get you pre-approved for the vehicle that comes next.



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