Sun Chevrolet has our large selection of new and used vehicles to fit every lifestyle, and almost every budget. Whether you’re looking for “like-new” or “pre-loved” we help you find the best used car for your needs.


Near perfect condition
cosmetically and mechanically:
No dings, dents or scratches
3 or less model years old
and less than 40,000 miles
3 Month / 3,000 Mile
Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
Has passed NYS inspection
along with our 119 multi-point
mechanical inspection
Vehicle comes with
2 sets of keys


Fairly good condition
cosmetically and mechanically:
May have imperfections
4 or more model years old
and over 40,000 miles
60 Day / 3,000 Mile
Powertrain Warranty
Has passed NYS
May or may not come with
2 sets of keys
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