Can You Jump-Start a Car with an EV?

Jump Start a Car

If you accidentally leave a light on or have something plugged in, your EV’s battery may become fully depleted, causing your vehicle not to start. So, can an EV be jump-started? If your EV is equipped with a 12-volt battery, it’s feasible to have it jump-started by another vehicle. We recommend referring to your owner’s manual or scheduling a service appointment with our experts to ascertain if your particular Oneida EV is capable of being jump-started. With this in mind, discover the ins and outs of EV jump-starts today with the service specialists at Sun Chevrolet. Below, we answer the question, “Can you jump-start a car with an EV?”

How to Jump-Start a Car with an EV

So, can you jump-start a car with an EV? Please note that trying to jump-start the lithium-ion battery pack in your electric vehicle should never be attempted. The only battery suitable for jump-starting your EV is the 12-volt battery. With that clarified, here’s how to jump-start your EV should you ever find yourself stranded in Canastota:

  1. Position both vehicles in close proximity for easy access to the jump-starting points.
  2. Ensure that both cars are turned off.
  3. Attach the red clamp of the jumper cable to the positive terminal on the EV’s 12-volt battery.
  4. Connect the other end of the red clamp to the positive terminal on the vehicle with the functioning battery.
  5. The black clamp on the jumper cable should be secured to the negative terminal on the vehicle with the functional battery.
  6. The final black clamp should be fastened to an unpainted metal surface on the EV to establish a solid connection.
  7. Start the vehicle with the fully operational battery.
  8. After a few minutes, attempt to start your EV.

Can You Jump-Start a Car with an EV?

Jump-starting another car with your electric vehicle is not advised and should be avoided. Doing so may potentially harm your EV. If you find yourself in Utica and someone requires a jump-start, we suggest that you assist them in securing roadside assistance or finding another vehicle to perform the jump-start.

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