The BIGGEST Mistakes to AVOID when Buying a Car

The BIGGEST Mistakes to AVOID when Buying a Car

Leave the chip for the dips. Don’t go into a car dealership with a chip on your shoulder, ready to go toe-to- toe with a sales consultant. People complain that buying a car is stressful and one of the least enjoyable things that they do. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Most times the customer sets the tone. If you’ve ever purchased a home, I’ll bet you treated your Realtor like an expert, you trusted his/her guidance and advice, communicated your wants, needs, and budget and then reviewed his/her purchase recommendations. You probably took a detailed tour of each house and I’ll bet you never once said,

“We saw one just like it down the street, we don’t need to do anything but get the price”

Because even though they work on commission and you sign a document stating you understand they work for the seller, you felt that your realtor was on your side and was there to help you. They were the experts. That’s the same attitude you should have with automotive consultants. It’s all about perception and attitude. It’s true, not all, but most sales consultants do work on commission. But why is that a bad thing? As a car buyer, you should use that to your advantage. You should understand that your sales consultant will work hard to earn your business. If they don’t close the deal, they don’t make any money so of course, they want to help you buy a car! 

Guess what else? Word of mouth, online reviews and surveys are critical factors that affect sales consultants. In fact, they can make or break a week, a month, even an entire career! Not only do they want your business, they want your referrals. Sales Consultants need to meet industry mandated, customer satisfaction standards, and they need positive reviews. So making sure you are happy with your experience is very important. Yes, sales consultants, just like REALTORS, work for the seller, but they don’t get paid until you become a buyer. Understanding this and approaching the car buying process with a positive attitude (and leaving the boxing gloves at home) will result in the positive experience you want! It’s a big purchase, it’s fun to get a new car! Being nice and enjoying the process is NOT going to cost you money. There isn’t some secret game that you are a pawn in. It’s not you against them. Remember, you’re the one with all the power. When all is said and done, you’ll either buy a car from that consultant or you won’t.

If you encounter a sales consultant who isn’t knowledgeable, is impolite, or is unwilling to assist you, deal directly with the sales manager. Every industry can have a bad apple. In most professions, those bad apples get paid regardless of how poorly they treat a valued customer. (Have you ever been to a big box store looking for the screwdriver isle? If so, you get my point.) Not when it comes to car sales. Commissioned sales people are reliant upon you doing business with them. It bears repeating. They have to earn your business. Most will spend as long as it takes, will do their very best to help you with all aspects of your purchase and will work hard to put a deal together that’s fair for you and fair for their dealership. When they say they want to build a relationship they mean it.

So keep the chip off your shoulder and get ready to enjoy buying a new car.