Hybrid vs. Electric: Which is Right for You?

2024 Chevy Equinox EV driving at night

If you’re looking to trade in your traditional gas vehicle in favor of something new, the hybrid vs. electric comparison is probably big on your mind. The hybrid vs. electric car debate has merits on both sides, but which is right for you? It really comes down to your lifestyle. Hybrid cars vs. electric cars is best explored at a place like Sun Chevrolet because Chevy has a great roster of both for drivers in Oneida and Canastota. Explore the difference between hybrid and electric cars with your new Chevy destination at Sun Chevrolet! Check out our new vehicle specials as well.



Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars: the Basics

Here’s a quick guide to the difference between hybrid cars and electric cars:

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles are mostly powered by gas. However, there’s also an electric motor, unlike your traditional gas vehicle. The gas engine and electric motor combine to provide power as you drive through Utica, letting you get peak gas mileage. You don’t need to charge a traditional hybrid vehicle.

Looking for a list of perks of hybrid vehicles? Here’s what you’ll find when you pick a hybrid:

  • The battery charges itself
  • You can stop and fuel up at any gas station
  • Hybrids are often more affordable than EVs

There’s also the plug-in hybrid vehicle, which has a limited amount of electric range thanks to a bigger electric motor. This involves you charging the vehicle, however.

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles just run on electricity. There’s no gasoline engine, just a battery and an electric motor. The battery is much larger in an electric car than a hybrid because it plays a greater role in powering the vehicle. Electric vehicles can be plugged into a home or public charging station to charge the battery.

Here is just a few of the great benefits of electric vehicles:

  • Low or zero tailpipe emissions
  • Quieter ride with no engine noise
  • No money spent on gas
  • Fewer maintenance costs (no oil changes or engine upkeep)
  • Potential EV incentives based on your location
  • Flexible charging options, including home and public options

Compare Hybrid vs. Electric at Sun Chevrolet

If you’re ready to get an alternative fuels vehicle, let the team at Sun Chevrolet navigate you through the hybrid vs. electric question. Shop our electric vehicle selection like the Chevy Bolt EV to get the perfect Chevy EV for your needs or just check out our new vehicle selection.


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